Calling Cards

  • Exclusive Engraved Visiting Cards

    Make a truly stylish statement and a lasting first impression with an engraved visiting card. Let Prantl create a luxurious card exclusively for you in a colour and design of your creation, or opt for a classic combination that is chic and timeless. Continue reading

  • Traditional Visiting Cards

    History has it that the invention of the visiting card is based on the following story: in the 17th century a nobleman intended to visit King Louis XIV. at his castle. As the king was out for the day, the nobleman left a playing card with his name on it at the gate, so the king would know who had called on him. Continue reading

  • The Art of Letter Writing

    In the digital age, where social media, email, Skype and smart phones are the name of the game, the art of the handwritten letter writing is drifting into darkness.

    Remember letters? Not the ones in your email box, but the ones you received in the post. To keep up with the rapidly changing times, email seems to be the preferred method of communication. Do you remember the first time you ever wrote something to someone you loved, by hand? Continue reading