Christmas Cards

Frighteningly, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and, of course, Christmas cards. Despite the rise of the e-card in this internet age – receiving one during the festive period is never the same thing as getting a real card through the post.

When it comes to proper Christmas cards, we all have a good idea of the major dos and don’ts when sending them – here are our top tips:

1. Not everyone has your sense of humour! Refrain from sending ‘Bah-Humbug’ risqué cards to anyone other than close family or friends – then you don’t risk offending someone you haven’t seen in a while!
2. Respect other faiths –try not to send cards which declare "Merry Christmas" to those who don’t celebrate it!
3. Plan ahead! There is nothing worse than rushing to the nearest shop to buy whatever cards are left in store, at the last minute. A little forethought and you can buy beautiful Christmas cards that the recipients will truly appreciate receiving.
3. A personal, hand-written note is better – and will be appreciated more – than an impersonal circular included in the card. As Debretts states; “Christmas cards are a traditional expression of seasonal goodwill and the sending of cards should be in this spirit, rather than as a means of self-promotion.”
4. Whenever possible, it’s better to post cards than hand them over in person.
5. For formal relationships, we recommend signing using forename and surname, whilst just your first name will work perfectly for friends and family.
6. Addressed envelopes should be handwritten – in ink.

However, sometimes it’s too hard to find the time to go out shopping for just the right cards, let alone find the time to write them. Or, it’s impossible to find the right design – or, indeed, something truly personal.

And that’s where Prantl can help. We’ve been working hard to ensure that we make this seasonal “chore” as straightforward and pain-free as possible.

Our new online Christmas card section allows you to choose your design and text. In short, it enables you to create, at the touch of a button, something truly bespoke. There is something for everyone – from the fussiest aunt to a half remembered acquaintance:

There are traditional cards; cards to send to those who don’t celebrate Christmas; design your own photographic cards as well as charming whimsical drawings and tongue in cheek designs.

We will print your chosen design and text and then send them direct to you.

Then it’s over to you – you just need to put stamps on the envelopes. Step away from the office franking machine – it looks too mean!

And, if you need a final reminder – click here to find out all the last post delivery dates for Christmas 2013.

Christmas The new collection of Prantl's Christmas cards