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Disgraceful Wedding Gifts

Undoubtedly a wedding day is one of the most celebrated events ever. Brides and grooms often spend well over a year planning their big day, from sending out the save the date cards and wedding invitations, to serving the most perfect decorations, food, and favours for their guests.

But what happens when the newlyweds’ gift list they registered at their favourite department store gets ignored by their wedding guests and, instead, they let themselves loose in a gift-buying frenzy? Of course, people normally have good intentions when they pick out wedding gifts, yet mistakes are often made. If you’re going off-registry, don’t bother giving any of the below presents...

1.) Baby-Related Gifts
Don’t you think it’s a tad presumptuous to give a baby-related pressie to the said newlyweds? Even if they’ve announced they’re expecting, save the baby gift for the baby shower. Unfortunately, gifts like these won't be worthy of a dutifully-written wedding thank you note from the couple.

Disgraceful Wedding Gifts ...gifts like these won't get you a Thank You note

What to give instead:
A ticket for two. This way, you’re thinking of them rather than assuming their future. Surprise the newlyweds with a ticket to a concert, band, trip to a special place you know they want to go. After all, nothing beats a box-full of memories, right?

2.) Kitchen Gear
Most couples these days move in together before they tie the knot, therefore, they have most of the things they need. So why would they need yet more pots and pan? Another toaster? A pile of tea towels?

Disgraceful Wedding Gifts Does the couple need more kitchen gear?

What to give instead:
Cash. If you think giving money as a wedding gift is tacky and thoughtless, think again. Even if you give them a tenner for their honeymoon/new home fund, you’re helping towards their future.

3.) Artwork
While you might adore that fertility statue, lumpy bowl or less-than-flattering portrait of the bride, they might not. Art’s a very personal thing and usually doesn’t make for well received wedding gifts.

Disgraceful Wedding Gifts A ceramic bowl

What to give instead:
Some lovely personal stationery for them to use for writing anything they desire. Alternatively, you could give them a stylish-looking wedding stationery set before the big day, so they have everything they’ll need, from the save the date cards and personal wedding invitations, to the order of service, reply cards, table name cards and more. That’ll be much more fashionable and functional than a shoddy piece of artwork – after all, one person’s Leonardo da Vinci might be another’s “what on earth is that?”.

4.) Perishables
Would you really give a couple mouldy fruit as a wedding present? Foodie gifts make lovely wedding gift ideas for couples so long as they know that commonplace white-and-silver gift box is perishable and needs to be stored properly. After all, the pair wouldn’t want to return home from their honeymoon to the rancid reek of decomposing cheese and mouldy fruit, would they?

Disgraceful Wedding Gifts This does not make a great wedding gift!

What to give instead:
A bottle of champagne or a decent bottle of their favourite beverage. Or, you could go all out and consider giving them a bottle of personalised alcohol, complete with both their names and a short message on the bottle label.

5.) Hand-Me-Downs
Bestowing the couple with used wedding gifts is arguably the most distasteful gift-giving gaffe there is. Re-gifting is bad enough, but re-gifting a used item? Who do you think you’re kidding? It’s ludicrous to think the newlyweds won’t realise the set of dusty plates or yellowed bed sheets used to sit in the gift giver’s cupboard, back garden or garage. Second-hand pots and pans, stained pillow cases and dirt-caked ornaments are other examples of used wedding gifts gone terribly wrong. A general rule of thumb: if you have to dust if off, it’s not re-giftable.

Disgraceful Wedding Gifts This has been in the family for a long time...

What to give instead:
A personalised photo album filled with photos from their big day. If you don’t know which ones to pick, get a group of friends together and select the snaps together.

By avoiding all of the above, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll receive a kindly wedding thank you card from the happy couple.