Exclusive Engraved Visiting Cards

Make a truly stylish statement and a lasting first impression with an engraved visiting card. Let Prantl create a luxurious card exclusively for you in a colour and design of your creation, or opt for a classic combination that is chic and timeless.

The process begins with the engraving of a dedicated copperplate which carries the image that will print (. The surface of the plate is inked and then wiped clean leaving the engravings full of ink. The press then forces card into the inked recesses of the plate and the image is transferred onto the card stock and delivers a printed image that is raised from the surface of the card . The three dimensional character of the engraved image and tremendous tactile appeal can be further enhanced by striking combinations of inks and coloured cards not possible with other processes. In addition your cards can also be finished with coloured edges to create a truly stunning combination that will be greatly admired.

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