Luxurious flowers by Hayford and Rhodes

Hayford & Rhodes, the London based florist, has been the hallmark of quality, luxurious flowers since 1924. Founded by William Hayford, it quickly build an enviable reputation as one of London’s finest florists. It remained in family hands until 2007, when the reins were passed to another family – the Rhodes sisters – and Haford & Rhodes was born.

Flowers by Hayford and Rhodes

We love the Hayford and Rhodes floral style, which is uniquely inspired by its heritage; timeless design united with progressive floristry to create modern classics. It is a company that is always innovating to remain at the forefront of British floristry.

A Hayford and Rhodes wedding is a thing of beauty and we couldn’t wait to ask Charlotte Howard, Hayford and Rhodes’s Wedding Manager, a few questions:

- How old were you when you first became interested in floristry and flower arranging?  What caused your interest? When / why did you decide you wanted to get into floristry?
My Grandmother was a florist so I was brought up with a love of flowers, but I didn’t consider it as a career until much later on. After university I was lucky enough to land what I thought was my dream job in a top London advertising agency, but every day I used to walk past a beautiful flower shop and wish I was working in there instead! A few years later I took the plunge and decided to change careers which was the best decision I’ve ever made. I enrolled on a floristry course and managed to get a job at that same flower shop I’d walked past longingly each day! I am absolutely passionate about floristry and  I love my role as Wedding Manager at Hayford and Rhodes. It is a joy to work with brides to design their dream wedding flowers.

- What are the current trends for wedding flowers, currently?
A key trend continues to be whimsical, organic, relaxed style wedding flowers. This creates soft, romantic designs with lots of beautiful textures. I’ve noticed there has been a move away from compact, tightly structured designs and now brides are favouring the incorporation of pretty foliages to create a more natural, informal look.

Flowers by Hayford and Rhodes

- What are your favourite flowers?  Why?
All flowers have their own individual beauty but my personal favourite are peonies. They are the most beautiful blowsy blooms with spectacular ruffles of petals and a heavenly fragrance. I got married last year and the whole wedding was based around peonies! They are only available in May-June so I just had to get married in May! Lily of the Valley is another favourite of mine and I also included this in my bridal bouquet. I love the fragrance and delicacy of Lily of the Valley but it has also particularly meaning for me because it reminds me of my Grandmother’s garden. It’s a lovely idea to choose flowers which mean something for your wedding flowers.

- What do you consider the most beautiful / stand out floral arrangement Hayford & Rhodes has ever made?  What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful arrangement / bouquet a bride could ask for?
That’s impossible to answer as we’ve done so many amazing designs I couldn’t possibly just pick one! I particularly loved a wedding we did recently though which featured thousands of stems of delphinium. There was a walkway of towering delphinium leading into the church which had ten huge stone urns with masses of delphinium. At the reception we created this amazing design in the centre of the drinks reception featuring a massive ‘explosion’ of delphinium within a circular sofa structure which was just stunning! It just showed what a beautiful effect can be achieved using just one type of flower.

- What can go wrong when it comes to wedding flowers?
It is sometimes rather a challenge to get wedding flowers to open in time if it’s particularly cold weather or to not open too much if it is very hot, but that’s all part of the excitement of working with nature. I rather obsessively plan every little detail to make sure everything goes according to plan so I never let anything go wrong. I treat each wedding as if it was own and work hard to make sure everything is perfect.

Flowers by Hayford and Rhodes