Prantl exhibits at the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier

As stationers working within the wedding industry, we have first-hand experience of a variety of wedding shows, exhibitions and glamorous events. Each one proclaims, via their promotional activity across all media platforms, to represent the very best selection of exhibitors for the most discerning brides and grooms.

However, having been to a few of these shows, in both the capacity of a tradesman and as a groom, I’ve always left with a little feeling of disappointment. It wasn’t something I could put my finger on  – I just felt that things could be done better. But, that was until Quintessentially entered the arena. To our great pleasure, we were asked to be involved in its inaugural Wedding Atelier, by the organising team - to produce the invitations and take part in the two-day event at Quintessentially’s magnificent HQ in Portland Place. It was an extraordinary event.

IMG_0129 The entrance at Portland Place

A fabulous reception on the Thursday evening ushered in the start of a two day extravaganza.  This was attended by press and a select group of invited guests. These were all introduced by the Quintessentially team to as many of the exhibitors as possible. Hard on the heels of this elegant evening, the doors opened on Saturday for a weekend of luxury and stylish discoveries that would not have been out of place on Bond Street or Rodeo Drive. This was nothing like the average wedding show. At no point were you lost in a crowd, or trampled over by crazed goody bag wielding brides, dashing around the exhibition floor, picking up as much as possible, before making their way to the hourly catwalk show.

Inside the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier Inside the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier

The whole experience was serene and elegant. It started from the moment of arrival, when each guest was warmly welcomed by one of the immaculately turned out team on the door – a door embellished with glorious arching floral displays. Within a minute of entering, a selection of drinks – from cocktails to coffee – was offered, as well as a range of delicious canapés – courtesy of The Connaught Hotel and Harrods Catering. So before seeing the first exhibitor you become aware that this was a wedding event unlike any other – one where every little detail has been meticulously planned – so that exhibitors and guests alike enjoyed an effortless, informative and enjoyable experience. One that they will remember for all the right reasons. To create such a seamless and memorable event takes a very talented group of people – we are all genuinely in awe of the Quintessentially team!

The Prantl exhibition stand The Prantl exhibition stand

The team understood that the starting point for creating a successful event is the list of exhibitors that an organiser puts together. It’s about connecting brides to brands that they have a genuine interest in meeting – and allowing them do so in an elegant, unhurried environment. The value of exhibiting to a specific market segment is a carrot that is often dangled in front of exhibitors noses, but sometimes the experience can be underwhelming and the effort to take part in such events, not worth it. And the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier? Well, here's the thing – and something that I feel sums up the event perfectly: when I chatted to other exhibitors and asked them if they intended to exhibit anywhere else, the answer in every instance was: “We don't”. And we certainly couldn’t agree more.


Our thanks to Sophie, Aron, James and the team.