Prantl's Illustrators: Miriam Haas

The creative world of Miriam Haas - At Prantl we believe passionately about championing the skills of the next generation – particularly the talents of up and coming illustrators. This is why Prantl has established a tradition of working together with a number of talented illustrators, who have created their own range of card designs and showcase their work on our website.

One such young artist is Miriam Haas, a French-German fashion designer and illustrator based in Berlin since 2008. She trained and worked as a fashion designer in both Paris and Berlin. Miriam´s intense love of fashion began at a very young age and for as long as she can remember she has filled sketchbooks with her unique little fashion figures. These distinctive illustrations display in a humouristic and charming way the stereotypes of todays fashion world.

Miriam Haas' Webpage Miriam Haas' Webpage

Since March 2012, Miriam Haas and Co-founder, architect/ carpenter Jana Kreher opened the Concept Store Garden of Anouk in the heart of trendy Prenzlauer Berg. Miriam is always creating new illustrations and collections, which can be bought in her shop. She is also available to work on commission.

'Garden of Anouk' Concept Store 'Garden of Anouk' Concept Store

We asked Miriam a few questions:

How old you were when you first started to paint/draw/design and what inspired you to take it up?
I have been drawing as long as I can remember. As my mother studied art, she was my first art teacher, teaching me the first basic techniques. I remember clearly that I started to draw fashion figures at the age of 12. Again my mother, who always had amazing style, rubbed off her love for fashion on me as well. I knew then, that I wanted to study fashion in Paris, which I did....and after gaining enough experiences in the fashion business as a designer, I decided to fully concentrate on what I like doing most, drawing/ illustrating.

What is your favourite subject matter & why?
My favorite subject matter is of course fashion. I love sketching little figures, using stereotypes of the fashion world, taking all the humour from what is usually a ruthless business. Another subject I love to illustrate are mothers and their little kids, as at a little age they just find everything their mothers do amazing... a priceless time. Reminds me how much I wanted to be like my mom when I grew up.

Christmas Cards by Miriam Haas for Prantl Christmas Cards by Miriam Haas for Prantl

Which other Artist's work do you most admire?
Jean-Paul Goude, who portrays exactly the kind of humour I love in his work.

If you could exhibit in any Museum/Gallery, which would it be and why?
Why not really go over the top and exhibit at the Musée Maillol. I have seen wonderful exhibitions there and it has a beautiful collection of drawings and its a really small museum, perfect for my little drawings.

Birth Announcements by Miriam Haas for Prantl-Haas-birth Birth Announcements by Miriam Haas for Prantl

How long does it take to complete one of paintings/designs which you have produced for Prantl and which is your favourite so far?
My favorite drawing I have done for Prantl so far is the "Kinderwagen". It took me about 3 to 4 hours to complete.