• Our 5 favourite love letters

    Love can be expressed in a hundred different ways but one of the most timeless and treasured ways is by picking up pen and letter writing paper and writing old-fashioned love letters.

    Forget Hallmark cards and text messages, we think scribing love letters from the heart on personalised stationery is one of the most romantic gestures you can ever make. Continue reading

  • Traditional Wedding Stationery

    Your wedding is probably one of the most significant days in your life so far and the arrangements for it will doubtless involve an immense amount of careful planning and attention to detail. This process often begins with the Announcement or Save the Date. Your wedding stationery as a whole has an important role in setting the tone and indicating the style of your perfect wedding. Continue reading

  • Traditional Writing Paper

    Fine writing paper – rediscover the art of letter writing. There was a time not that long ago when the hand written letter was the social media of the day and whilst times may have changed there is still something far more satisfying in the sending and receiving of a letter than its modern tech counterparts. Continue reading

  • Traditional Visiting Cards

    History has it that the invention of the visiting card is based on the following story: in the 17th century a nobleman intended to visit King Louis XIV. at his castle. As the king was out for the day, the nobleman left a playing card with his name on it at the gate, so the king would know who had called on him. Continue reading

  • The Art of Letter Writing

    In the digital age, where social media, email, Skype and smart phones are the name of the game, the art of the handwritten letter writing is drifting into darkness.

    Remember letters? Not the ones in your email box, but the ones you received in the post. To keep up with the rapidly changing times, email seems to be the preferred method of communication. Do you remember the first time you ever wrote something to someone you loved, by hand? Continue reading

  • Christmas Cards

    Frighteningly, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and, of course, Christmas cards. Despite the rise of the e-card in this internet age – receiving one during the festive period is never the same thing as getting a real card through the post.

    When it comes to proper Christmas cards, we all have a good idea of the major dos and don’ts when sending them – here are our top tips: Continue reading

  • Disgraceful Wedding Gifts

    Undoubtedly a wedding day is one of the most celebrated events ever. Brides and grooms often spend well over a year planning their big day, from sending out the save the date cards and wedding invitations, to serving the most perfect decorations, food, and favours for their guests.

    But what happens when the newlyweds’ gift list they registered at their favourite department store gets ignored by their wedding guests and, instead, they let themselves loose in a gift-buying frenzy? Of course, people normally have good intentions when they pick out wedding gifts, yet mistakes are often made. If you’re going off-registry, don’t bother giving any of the below presents... Continue reading